Passport Photographs

Passport and ID Photographs

In the 1st Cameras Showroom, in the centre of Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, we are able to offer a professional photographic service providing images for Passports, Visa Applications, Driving Licence, Disabled Blue Badge or Transport Passes. 


 Photo Type   Quantity   Price
 UK Passport, Driving Licence, ID Photo (35 x 45mm)      6  £7.99
 Childrens Passport - under 5 (35 x 45mm)   6  £9.99
 Indian or US Visa (50 x 50mm)  4    £12.00   

Indian and US Visa can take up to approximately one hour.

Photos are taken by our fully trained staff - not a machine, and are available for collection from our 1st Cameras showroom only.

Whilst we take every precaution to ensure that your photograph will meet the requirements of your relevant application this cannot be guaranteed. What we offer is a pledge that should your application be refused because the photograph was not accepted, return the picture to us along with a copy of the relevant refusal letter and we will retake the photograph again at no extra cost.

1st Cameras carefullly monitor below requirements for passport application photographs, and an exerpt of the relevant guidelines from the UK Border Authority is listed below - this is correct as of 15/11/11 and may be subject to change so we advise you check before making any applications.



for immigration applications made outside the UK (version 4/2009)


The photographs which you have to provide with your application must be in the format specified below. These format
requirements meet internationally agreed standards. If the photographs are not in this format, they will be rejected, and may cause a delay in processing your application.


Photographs must be

  • identical where two photographs of the individual are required
  • in colour, not black and white
  • taken against a light grey or cream background
  • 45 millimetres (mm) high x 35 mm wide
  • able to fit into the template opposite, with the eyes positioned in the shaded area
  • free from shadows
  • taken with the eyes open and clearly visible (with no sunglasses or tinted spectacles, and no hair across the eyes)
  • with the subject facing forward, looking straight at the camera with a neutral expression with the mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows) of each person on their own (no objects such as dummies or toys, or other people visible)
  • taken with nothing covering the face
  • in sharp focus and clear
  • with a strong definition between face and background.



Photographs must also

  • be a recent true likeness of the individual, taken within the last 6 months
  • be undamaged (not torn, creased or marked)
  • be free from reflection or glare on spectacles, the frames of which must not cover the eyes (if possible, we recommend photographs without spectacles to avoid the risk of rejection because of glare or reflection)
  • be free from "redeye”
  • be free from airbrushing or similar enhancement (for example photographs must not be „photoshopped‟ or „touched-up‟ or otherwise digitally altered)
  • be taken of the full head, without any covering unless worn for religious or medical reasons
  • be printed professionally or taken in a passport photo booth. Photos printed at home are unlikely







  • Photographs of children aged six and over must meet the full format requirements set out in this guidance.
  • Photographs of children aged five and under must show a clear image that is a true likeness of the child. As young children can be difficult to photograph, children aged five and under do not need to have a neutral expression or to look directly at the camera, but they must face forward and meet all other format requirements.
  • In addition, babies under one year old do not need to have their eyes open even though this is preferable. All other requirements must be met. If the baby‟s head needs to be supported, the supporting hand must not be in the picture.